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Longing to feel happy and healthy?

Often we feel too busy and rushed to create a reality that is the uplifting peace and joy we really want to feel. Do you want something different than what you currently have but aren’t sure how to change things? Let’s create a safe space to get quiet, look inside and experience simple shifts that result in more peace and presence for yourself and those you love the most.

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Mindful Movement for Mental Health

Do you feel like your emotions are taking over?

Your emotions feel like they are too big to handle...
You know your anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness or depression overwhelm your life more than you'd like.
You need tools to let your emotions flow in a healthier way.
This course creates a more mindful you.
Shifting from emotional outbursts to intentionally choosing how you react and respond to life.
Helping you feel at peace no matter the circumstances.

Are you or your children experiencing big emotions that make life stressful? Are you angry, frustrated, anxious, sad or depressed more often than you'd like to be? Do you struggle to manage your emotions in a healthy way? The strategies in this course use the 5 senses and other key tools to help you shift from emotional outbursts and triggers to intentionally choosing how you respond and feeling balance and peace no matter the circumstances.

Moving Through Emotions

Do you keep your emotions hidden and pushed deep down inside?

Is it hard to know where to start to uncover the layers of emotions that are on top of feeling true joy and peace in your life? Are you repeating patterns of stress and difficulty in multiple areas of your life because of unresolved emotions and experiences? This course creates a safe space for bringing awareness to emotions in a gentle way using a specific order and natural tools that will help you allow each layer to come up and dissolve into balance and ease.

You feel so many emotions and don't want to deal with them or you have gotten really good at not feeling any emotions at all because it's safer that way.
You're beginning to see that avoiding your emotions isn't serving you but rather is causing you more stress and struggle in life.
This course is the safe space you've been looking for. It contains the exact order needed to uncover the layers gently. It offers the natural tools that you can use now and long term to experience lasting balance and ease instead of stress and struggle.


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Life is busy! Stay home and watch 40+ health experts share key information about how to be Happy & Healthy on your own schedule. This inspiring and educational information full of tips and real time exercises will have you making big shifts in how you think, feel and live. Each practitioner is also offering amazing bonus content and discounts to support you in your goal for better health this spring and summer! Register to access Your Health A-Z and invest in the summit to receive all video presentations from last year and this year.

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Access Bars

Are you lacking focus, concentration or memory retention? Are you trying to recover from a brain injury? Are you looking to reduce stress and increase lasting relaxation in your mind and body? The Access Bars is a power nap where your brain receives gentle stimulation for healing and deep relaxation.


Have you tried traditional counselling or talk therapy without making the progress you hoped for? Your thoughts and beliefs are silently running how you experience your life and 90% of those thoughts and beliefs happen without you even realizing. This therapy is a direct way to change underlying beliefs.

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About Lindsey

Lindsey is a Health Strategist who has been researching health for over 10 years. As an Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator, Access Bars Practitioner, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Mental Health Advocate, Nature Immersion Guide and Aromatherapist, Lindsey uses all of these tools and more to support foundational health and wellness in your whole life including your environment and family relationships. She is passionate about discovering health for the whole person and supports people in finding the best practitioners, modalities, nutrition, supplements, activities and protocols for their specific health needs.

She openly shares her mental health history with postpartum depression and major depressive disorder because she believes that sharing her story is what turns her mess into miracles of healing for others. She creates safe spaces for people to express their emotions, feeling them and releasing them, knowing that emotional stress creates 80% or more of physical illness. Attend a workshop or one on one session to create islands of calm that will ripple positively through your whole life.

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Lindsey loves helping people discover solutions to their health goals whether they are physical, emotional, or mental. Chat with her today to access an encyclopedia of knowledge and research around wellness that supports the whole person in a foundational way rather than band aid symptom management.